Having well-trained umpires is vital to the safety, timely flow and enjoyment of all of our games, and umpiring offers a tremendous opportunity for young members of our community to develop their leadership skills. It also helps coaches understand the game better.

Training for Glebe umpires is provided by Little League. An umpiring clinic is held each spring. Attendance at this session is mandatory for those wishing to become umpires for the season. Umpires must be at least junior playing age (13). Adult umpires would be greatly appreciated. We are looking for adult umpires who are willing to make a multi-year commitment. This involves various levels of training and several years of experience leading to District Playoffs, Provincial and even National Championships.

There is zero tolerance for abuse of umpires, particularly when adult coaches, parents or spectators abuse a non-adult umpire by yelling at them or criticizing judgement calls. Notwithstanding the formal protest of a game, an option only available to coaches, complaints about the officiating should be made, in writing, to the umpire-in-chief. Any yelling at or criticizing of the umpires will result in the immediate enrolment of the abuser in a crash umpiring course in preparation for their umpiring of the next available game.

Tom Vradenburg, Umpire in Chief: Tel 613-761-8681/613-601-8681;