Team Selection

Glebe Little League reserves the right to make player allocations and team adjustments to ensure that players are playing at a level in line with their ability and that teams are evenly balanced. Although we try to accommodate requests from players to play with one selected friend or ride partner, this usually only works in the Rookie and Softball Leagues where there are no player evaluations. Experience has shown that it is best for players and coaches alike to mix things up a lot, and NOT to stick with the same group year after year.

For Spring House League, players of all skill levels and experience – including absolute beginners at any age level – are welcome. Subject to overall availability of spaces, all interested players are accepted to a team. The teams are carefully selected to be as balanced as possible, to help avoid chronic lop-sided games and to provide a mixture of player skills and experience on each team for optimal group learning opportunities.

Evaluations are not held for Rookie-level players (ages 6-8).

Evaluations are used in the baseball Minor, Major, Junior and Senior Baseball programs and in the Girls Softball divisions, to give coaches an opportunity to assess the different sizes, skill levels and potential for new and returning players, and in so doing ensure a fair and well-balanced selection of team rosters before the season gets underway. We avoid splitting up teams partway through the season, so we emphasize a fair and “evidence-based” team draft, taking into account player history (where known) and the results of pre-season player assessments.

For Summer Competitive League, team selections are by tryout, held in June.