Protective Gear

Batting Helmets: Batters MUST wear NOCSAE-approved helmets (manufactured to safety standard approved by the National Organizing Committee for Sports and Athletic Equipment). Chin straps are NOT a part of the NOCSAE helmet standard, but if attached to the helmet, MUST be snapped in place (i.e., cannot dangle loosely). The batting helmets MUST be worn during batting practice and in games, from warm-up and at-bat until return to the dugout.

Catcher's Gear: Catchers MUST wear catcher's helmet and face mask with throat guard, chest protector, and shin guards whenever warming pitchers or practicing in the dugout; and in game situations.

Cleats: Cleats are NOT required at any level, and are not particularly encouraged until Junior level. Shoes with MOLDED CLEATS (but NOT spikes) are PERMITTED at any level. Shoes with METAL CLEATS or SPIKES are NOT allowed, except at Junior, Senior and Big League level.

Eyeglasses: Parents of players with corrective eyeglasses are ENCOURAGED - in the STRONGEST possible terms - to provide their children with glasses/sunglasses with “safety” lenses (i.e., the so-called “shatterproof” kind that pulverize on impact and do not produce large, dangerous shards). Sunglasses used as a matter of personal discretion (not corrective) are allowed ONLY if they have the shatter-proof lenses. The League is not in a position to test and verify whether lenses are of the shatterproof kind. It is therefore the parent's and player's responsibility to assure this.

Protective Cups for Catchers: MALE players are ENCOURAGED to wear an athletic supporter, and MUST wear a hard protective cup if they are serving as CATCHER. FEMALE players serving as a CATCHER are ENCOURAGED to wear a protective “Jill”.