Playing Philosophy

SPRING HOUSE LEAGUE: Everyone makes a team, the teams are as well-balanced as we human volunteers can make them, and the emphasis is on: safety, fun, skill development, and lifelong love of the game, in exactly that order of priority. Players are encouraged to try all sorts of positions, regardless of previous experience and innate ability. Coaches, in turn, are encouraged to let the players try out as many positions as they want, and to bring them along – emphasizing an understanding and appreciation of the different positions, and the nurturing of increasing levels of confidence and skill in those positions. Where safety and personal confidence are at greatest stake – i.e., pitching and catching – the only exceptions are that NO player is put into a game in those positions, until he/she has had adequate preparation in practice.

SUMMER COMPETITIVE LEAGUE: Selection to teams is by tryout, the teams are reduced from two, three or four Spring teams to only one competitive team, and the emphasis remains on safety, fun, skill development, and lifelong love of the game. But competition asserts a much more prominent place in the equation. Here, the “team concept” becomes important, as coaches work with the collective talent they have to find the best - sometimes specialized - positions for each player that results in a more cohesive and competitive team overall. Game decisions focus on the best positioning and deployment of players to work together to win the game. Practices remain places where players can try different positions and “earn” a spot elsewhere.