Atmospheric science studies have shown that the danger of being hit by lightning extends to at least 15 kilometres beyond the centre of a thunderstorm. In fact, most injuries and deaths from lightning strikes take place outside the heart of a storm precisely because people are not taking shelter, and falsely assume they are safe. In urban settings, a 15 km radius is about what can be seen on the horizon, meaning that if lightning is visible in the sky in the city, the centre of the storm is within the 15 km kill zone. Therefore, once ANY lightning is visible or any thunder is heard, EVERYONE is to vacate the field IMMEDIATELY and take suitable shelter in a non-lightning-prone spot. Play may NOT resume, until a FULL FIFTEEN MINUTES have passed since the last visible lightning or audible thunder. This is not negotiable, and can NEVER be left to the discretion of any coach or umpire. Parents are asked to help, by keeping a storm watch.