Coaches are the backbone of our program. Virtually all are parent or older-student player volunteers. Their knowledge and skills vary somewhat, but they rank among the most knowledgeable and certainly the keenest baseball enthusiasts in our community. They deserve only respect, encouragement and support.

Coaches are offered basic guidance on coaching, typically through occasional clinics. But mostly they learn through osmosis, by working with each other and sharing insights. That's why we like to share the coaching wealth around, and keep coaching match-ups fluid to ensure coaches and players alike are exposed to many different perspectives over the course of their Little League careers.

Noting that the world is run by those who show up, never hesitate to offer coaches a helping hand passing out uniforms, collecting registrations, toting gear, assisting with practices, keeping score, counting pitchers' pitches, bringing a refreshment treat. The coaches may not always ask for this kind of help, but they need it, and always welcome it.